Relucent Metals Solutions

Multiple Manufacturing Competencies to Accelerate Your Products to Market

Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (MHI) is a family of companies that serves North America and includes Relucent Plastics Solutions, Relucent Metals Solutions and MHI Medical Packaging Machines. Together we specialize in custom injection molding, metals manufacturing and blister thermoforming equipment. To learn more about Relucent Metals or MHI, click on the links below.

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Relucent Metals Solutions specializes in laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, shape setting, electropolishing, and passivation of Nitinol (NiTi), stainless steel (SS), cobalt-chrome (CoCr) and titanium (Ti), Relucent’s manufacturing facility, located in Santa Rosa, CA, is vertically integrated to provide the technological resources required for rapid prototype development and mid-volume manufacturing.

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MHI’s Medical Packaging Machines division distributes the blister thermoforming equipment built by MHK (Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo) in Kyoto, another subsidiary of Maruho. MHK has been building these machines since 1987 and is one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical packaging machinery in Japan. Over 400 MHK machines have been installed in Japan and Asia. Its customers include Maruho, leading Japanese and multinational medical and pharmaceutical companies and even consumer markets.