In House Tooling

Over 28 years ago, Relucent Plastics understood the importance of having in house tooling capability to support our customers and our operation. Our mold design & engineering services reduce cost and time to part qualification. From prototype molds to high precision multi cavity molds, Relucent has the in house team to support and launch new products on time and within budget.

  • Design for Manufacture (DFM)/Part Design Analysis performed on each part
  • Analysis and design control allow us to avoid costly delays due to tool tweaks and changes.
  • Our process identifies problem areas before tool design, not after. The adjustments also help optimize the tooling, molding, and quality of the finished product.
  • Moldflow simulation analysis to optimize part and tool design utilizing predictive analysis into warp, cavity fill, gate location, weld lines etc.
  • Identification and adjustment of these details assist our tool designers to design for a robust molding process window

  • Five (5) full time toolmakers with combined experience of over 100 years
  • (1) HAAS VM10 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mill
  • (2) Hurco VM10i Plus 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mills
  • (2) Miltronics MB20 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mills
  • (2) Kingston Vertical Manual Milling Machines
  • (1) Makino EDAF3 CNC EDM Machine
  • (1) Santec 401 W.AZ50 Powerpack Manual EDM
  • (1) Kingston 10” Enginer Lathe
  • (1) Chevilier 6-18 Manual Surface Grinder
  • (1) Supertech 6-18 Manural Surface Grinder
  • (1) Supertech 6-18 3 Axis Automatic Surface Grinder

  • Each component(s) is assigned to a Program Manager who is the single point of contact internally and externally
  • Every part flows through Relucent’s 6 Stage Gated process from Initial Feasibility to Final Production Acceptance
  • Relucent’s Mold Building Operation is ISO13485 certified